Many people who claim benefits will, at some point, have difficulties with their benefit and their dealings with the DWP. Whether it is a decision refusing entitlement to a benefit or a decision that you have been overpaid benefit, these decisions can be appealed. Also, there are many people who are entitled to claim benefits but are completely unaware as to what they are entitled to or how to make the claim. At Kin Cymru we can help, whether it’s to challenge a PIP decision, challenge an ESA decision or assist with any other welfare benefit issue, so long as you reside in England or Wales.

We have an experienced, specialist Welfare Benefit team who can help with:

• Appeals against any decision of the DWP relating to claims for benefits
• Assistance with First Tier Tribunal hearing
• Appeals to Upper Tribunal
• Employment and Support Allowance ( ESA ) & PIP advice & applications
• ESA appeals
• PIP appeals
• DLA for children applications & appeals (see our ‘DLA for Children to improve their life chances’ project page)
• Mandatory reconsiderations
• Income support advice
• Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit advice
• Overpayment advice
• Co-habitation advice
• Jobseekers Allowance Sanction advice

Welfare benefits advice & assistance for adults is available on a fee paying basis – these fees provide vital funds to enable us to deliver our other key projects such as ‘DLA for Children to improve their life chances’.

You can send us your enquiry by email to .