About Us

Kin Cymru is a registered Charity whose objectives are to promote (directly or indirectly) the relief of those who are in need by reason of youth, age, ill health, disability or financial hardship and to promote education and training which assist in reducing that need.

We mainly aim to achieve this by providing or encouraging, the provision of social welfare legal advice to those of limited means. We aim to provide quality specialist pro bono advice for those whose legal problems are not within scope for Legal Aid funding. We also aim to encourage awareness/education in social welfare law issues amongst legal advice providers.

The Charity’s primary focus of activities is to assist children with disabilities or learning disabilities.

Kin Cymru is aware that many children with disabilities/leaning difficulties are not receiving sufficient support to enable them to thrive in education. Schools are often unable or unwilling to provide the support that a child needs. Parents may wish to provide additional learning or therapeutic support, but may lack the means to finance this. Kin Cymru’s initial plan is to assist those children by providing assistance with and enabling easier access to existing benefits that may be available, such as Disability Living Allowance. The long term goals of the Charity will be to widen the focus of such help with a view to assisting families where there is a disabled child, both with access to benefits and, working with our partners, other social welfare law issues, such as debt and housing matters.

Kin Cymru is a new charity and is currently forming links with other agencies. We work jointly with social welfare law firm T.A. Law, who will host and support a Kin Cymru benefits & debt adviser delivering “out of scope” social welfare legal services locally. We will encourage other local law firms to maintain and develop expertise in social welfare law. We will do this by offering local reasonably priced CPD accredited social welfare law training, and by alerting law firms to the possibilities of them receiving referrals for assistance with matters in scope for Legal Aid where we are assured the firms are committed to supporting social welfare provision.

We will work with other advice agencies to reduce the pressure on local advice services primarily by offering outreach in outlying locations – reducing the need for clients to travel to the small number of overstretched advice agencies based in town centres.